Design & Build Installations

When emergencies happen, quick reaction time and detailed information are crucial to saving lives. Systems have to be well designed to limit your liability, and ensure your personal safety.

Whatever your Fire Alarm/Life Safety System requirements, our engineers can provide the solutions for your Fire Alarm /Life Safety needs. Our products include cost effective answers to all type of systems, large or small. Engineered AutoCad Drawings aid the installing electrical contractor in the proper wire type, size and quantity for your new construction or tenant improvement project. We are able to assist the installing contractor throughout the project with technical support and trouble shooting. Our Project Managers will ensure you pass building code inspections, and they are also familiar with the Bay Area jurisdictional Fire Department requirements as well.

If you are a Building Owner, Electrical Contractor, or Facility Manager involved in a project at your facility, please call our team to assist you in planning at any stage of your Fire Alarm/Life Safety Project.

Our Certifications

California State Contractors License 950179
Electrical Contractor C-10
Fire Protection Contractor C-16
Doors, Gates and Activating Devices D-28
California Bureau of Security and
Investigative Services (BSIS)
Licensed Alarm Company AC0- 7051






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